The Canary Islands are a popular holiday destination, especially for visitors from Europe who want to escape the long winter period. And that’s not surprising as they have a lot to offer, even beyond their lovely mild weather. I especially like Fuerteventura, the second largest of the Canary Islands as it features some absolutely great hiking routes. I love its nature, incredible views, and the solitude and peace you can find on the island, if you look for it. I’ve already shared 3 of my favourite hiking routes on Fuerteventura, which focus on the inland and hills of the island. But what’s the fun of being on an island, if you don’t spend as much time as you can by the sea. I think doing a beach hike on Fuerteventura is one of the best ways to enjoy the sea while immersing in the peace and serenity of nature.

Beach hike on Fuerteventura, Spain

What to Expect When Hiking on Fuerteventura?

Nestled in the Atlantic, Fuerteventura offers a mild yet windy climate year-round. With steady temperatures between 18 °C (64 °F) and 32 °C (90 °F), it’s no wonder Fuerteventura is also called the ‘island of eternal spring.’ Its winds and waves make it a haven for water sports enthusiasts, while sunseekers find ample space to sunbathe across Fuerteventura’s 152 beaches. Designated a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 2009, the island unveils a captivating blend of landscapes. To be honest, during my first visit to the island in 2022, I was simultaneously surprised and enchanted by its nature and beauty. Hiking here is a journey through varied terrain, from endless dunes of white desert sand to the rugged embrace of volcano craters, all culminating in panoramic views of the island and sea.

View while hiking on Fuerteventura from Morro de Velosa

I’ve especially taken to the north of the island, with it’s small relaxed surfer towns, chilled cafés and restaurants, and cute hostels & co-working spots. Adding a week or two of remote work from Fuerteventura can really change your whole winter. I share a few more information & recommendations about co-working on Fuerteventura and the north of the island here.

Road in Betancuria while hiking on Fuerteventura island

One of my favourite things to do on Fuerteventura, however, is going on a beach hike. So let’s take a look at two of my most favourite beach hiking spots on Fuerteventura.

Endless Dunes at Parque Natural de Corralejo

One of the absolute prime spots for extended beach hikes is the Parque Natural de Corralejo. Designated a Natural Park in 1982 it is a unique natural haven, featuring expansive sand dunes and clear waters. It spans over 25 kilometers on the east coast in the northern part of the island. The route is quite straight forward: You can basically walk along the entire park.

Sand dunes of Parque Natural de Corralejo while hiking on Fuerteventura

I’d recommend staying east of the road, close to the waterfront. It just feels so freeing to look out onto the ocean for an entire hike - or it does for me at least. The other option is walking through the dunes on the west side of the road. They expand quite far to the west, as you can see on the map. While I prefer walking along the water, I can see the appeal of seeing nothing but sand ahead of you. A lot of space for thoughts. In any case, Parque Natural de Corralejo is definitely a stunning beach hiking trail on Fuerteventura. It‘s absolutely fascinating to see the seemingly endless sand dunes on the one side and the infinite ocean on the other side.

Endless dunes of white sand while hiking route on Fuerteventura

Another aspect I love about this beach hiking spot is that you could basically start right from your hotel, if you’re staying in Corralejo. There are a few accommodations that are literally right on the border of the park. I haven’t stayed in any of them, but here are a few nice looking ones with prime locations you could check out, to get an idea:

Villa Aloha - Fuerteventura villas

San Valentín iRent Fuertevenuta Corralejo

Secrets Bahía Real Resorts & Spa

Sand dunes of Parque Natural de Corralejo while hiking on Fuerteventura

Hiking From Faro de Toston - my Favourite Lighthouse on Fuerteventura

Faro de Toston is a beautiful little lighthouse on the west coast of Fuerteventura island. It’s quite a nice sport to start your beach hike, because there’s parking available at the lighthouse. From Faro de Toston, you can head ut either north or south and basically walk as long as you like along the coast.

Lighthouse Faro de Toston while hiking on Fuerteventura

Walking South From Faro de Toston

If you decide to venture to the south on your beach hike, you’ll reach El Cotillo, one of my favourite little towns on Fuerteventura, after around 5km. This is obviously a great place to stop for a snack (either now or on your way back). Once you’ve passed El Cotillo, you’ll walk along a number of stunning beaches. If you continue for another 6 km, there’s a beautiful viewpoint just after Playa de la Escalera which has very cool stairs down to the beach. You can obviously continue south for as long as you want and can. My recommendation would be to turn back after a little break here and return to El Cotillo for some lunch (e.g. at Bar & Restaurante Bagus which offers quite a few vegetarian (and other) food options and is located right by the beach). From there it’s only a little stretch back to your car at Faro de Toston.

Coast and beach view while hiking on Fuerteventura

Walking North From Faro de Toston

Walking up north along the coast from Faro de Toston, you’ll find a fabulous hiking area. The route is very simple, you just walk as long as you want along the coast line. Once you’re half way through, you return. I’m normally not a huge fan of walking one way and then simply turning around and walking back. But the views and the atmosphere on the coastal hikes on Fuerteventura are so beautiful that it’s totally worth it. Also, somehow, I always think that the way back looks completely different, but maybe that’s just my imagination. Obviously, there’s always the luxury version of haaving someone drop you off at the start and then picking you up once you can’t walk no more. And then maybe getting a pizza together at La Cancela in Lajares. Just putting it out there as an option.

Coast and beach view while hiking on Fuerteventura

If you do return to Faro de Toston after either of these two hiking routes, you can end the day by having a bath at Playa de Los Charcos. Depending on the tide, there are some really nice natural basins, which are protected from the winds and make a really nice spot for a quick dip before returning home. Also, the sunsets at the lighthouse are incredible. Thus, my secret tip is to pack some easy dinner, leave it in an cooled, isolated bag in the car and time your hike so that you’re back at Faro de Toston at sunset. Perfect day, check!

Lighthouse Faro de Toston while hiking on Fuerteventura

In terms of accommodation, there are obviously quite a few places in El Cotillo. Again, here are some options for yu to check out:

FreshSurf, they are a surf school offering several different kinds of accommodation types in El Cotillo as well as across Fuerteventura.

Cotillo House, a cute little 2* Hotel right by the beach

El Cotillo Faro, simple & affordable holiday apartments

Person walking their dogs at a beach hike on Fuerteventura

Doing Some Beach Hiking on Fuerteventura is a Must

I hope these two hikes got you just as excited as I am about doing some beach hiking on Fuerteventura. They really are gorgeous hiking routes on Fuerteventura offering stunning views, lovely beaches and ocean scenery. If you also want to explore the inland of the island make sure to check out my article sharing 3 Gorgeous Hiking Routes on Fuerteventura that Exeeded my Expectations.

If you’re looking for a bit more thrill than a beach hike, I can highly recommend summiting mount Teide on Tenerife for an incredible sunrise view.

Woman walking barefoot on the best beach hiking route on Fuerteventura